Honoring Independent Filmmaking

The Leo Award

As filmmakers with over 50 years combined professional industry experience, we understand and appreciate what it takes to deliver a quality film. Our aim here at DaVinci International Film Festival (DIFF) is not only to recognize the best in independent cinema from around the world, but do so by looking at the parts that make the whole — from sound design and color to performances and direction, our Jury is tasked with analyzing the art of storytelling through a ‘collective’ lens.  Specifically, how does each element lend itself to the overall concert of any given story?

DIFF operates as a quarterly online film festival, honoring the best in feature and short formats, documentary, and screenwriting through our sister company, STORYLINE.


  • Feature Film*
  • Short Film*
  • Documentary*
  • STORYLINE / Screenplay*
  • Animation (Feature & Short)*
  • Music Video

*  Vitruvian Award qualifiers

HAVE A REALITY TV IDEA?  (Everyone does…)

NEW: Unscripted & Branded Content Competition

Remember when people laughed at Reality TV?  “It’s a fad — a dying trend ..”   Well, that was nearly 30 years ago, and now Reality TV is bigger than ever.  These shows are simply cheaper to produce (compared to their scripted counterpart), and ratings remain high.

At DIFF we are looking for the most compelling unscripted properties, with colorful characters, conflict, and access into new and exciting worlds.  Our founders have written, produced, developed, and sold unscripted to nearly every network, in nearly every space.  Whether it’s a docu-series or challenge show, our team knows how to package a project for success.

Our quarterly competition series at DIFF offers development Creatives the opportunity to submit a treatment and secured sizzle  for a shot at getting your show made.  DIFF’s partners have developed unscripted content for Discovery (DCI), National Geographic, History, A&E, Spike, CBS, NBC, and many others.  Our TOP THREE (3) winners† will receive development deals (Options) with DIFF to push their projects forward.  Our Creator(s) will be invited to attend the pitch meeting(s) in the Los Angeles* area, and will be with our Executives every step of the way, as they attempt to sell the show.

WINNING DIFF DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR SHOW GETTING MADE.  All Entrants must accept our Terms & Conditions prior to submission.  Click here to learn more.

*Creator(s) responsible their own travel and expenses.
† All Categories compete against one another, and are qualified as Finalists based on their overall viability for network and streamer distribution platforms.

  • Best Docu-Series (COPS, Real World)
  • Best Competition / Elimination (Iron Chef, Dancing with the Stars)
  • Best Makeover / Renovation (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)
  • Best Dating (Love Connection, The Bachelor, Blind Date)
  • Best Hidden Camera / Amateur Content (Punk’d, Scare Tactics)
  • Best Supernatural (Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State)
  • Best Travel / Aspirational (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous)