DaVinci Film Festival

“Raising the bar on the Festival Circuit.”

– The Hollywood Index

Sure it’s easy for us to talk about ourselves, and pitch you on the DIFFerence we strive to make at DaVinci International Film Festival, but we’ll let others do that for us.  Below are just a few testimonials that are coming in as we work hard to build a trusted brand among our fellow filmmakers and screenwriters.

“Dear Chadwick, thank you for the festival experience. 🙏  You truly have something special. So congrats to all of you. 👏👏👏👏  I know in time, DIFF will grow to become a very prominent film festival in the coming future. It was a pleasure to be a part of DIFF and the first Writers’ Corner… and having the short amount of time and pleasure in talking with you and Holly. You guys are gems! ❤️💯👍

I absolutely loved all the Officially Selected films that I saw that weekend. Honestly, it was one of the best festivals for films that I’ve attended yet. In fact, there’s a few other Hollywood festivals that can learn from DIFF. And I truly mean that. The festival liaison coordinators are nightmares to deal with—even with simple inquiries, but for DIFF, Rachel Evans was extremely, professionally organized from the start, so I was super impressed.

Another great thing about DIFF is the networking connections. Other festivals claim to have it, but actually don’t. Because of DIFF, I’m now networking with an actor from the Writers’ Corner panel. And other folks I met are requesting to read my scripts via Instagram DM requests.

And since DIFF brought me to town for that weekend, I got to finally meet some TV actors in person who had been following me via Instagram. After our meet at The Grove, I was tapped to be a potential writer for a Paramount+Sitcom project. And these two actors just completed a live-action short film and I encouraged them to submit to DIFF when next round of submissions take place. And without a doubt they said they will submit. I told them that you and Holly are talented folks to also include in their network.

Again, thank you, Chadwick. I wish you the family all the best. Always!”

– Brett, DIFF-Storyline screenwriter (D6)

“A wonderful and very intelligently curated festival, featuring independent films of a very high, distinctive, and original character, made all the more meaningful by being an homage of sorts to the spirit of Leonardo, who embodied radical innovation and creative daring all across the sciences and all the arts. The festival is very well organized and the hosts and organizers warm and gracious. Very much a filmmakers’ festival. Saw some films, across genres, that were absolutely stunning. A very special event and experience. It was truly an honor to be invited to be a part of, and to participate in, DaVinci.”

– Herbert Golder, documentary filmmaker

“Dear DaVinci Film Festival. Today I have been at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received the Vitruvian Award which was posted via Diplomatic Mail.  Thank you so much!  I have never met such a caring and professional group of festival organizers.  I am so impressed with the festival that I have submitted my directorial debut film for your next showcase.  I want to wish you further development and prosperity.  Good luck to you and the DaVinci team!”

– Lala Aliyeva-Klychkova, Writer-Director-Producer
– Vitruvian Award accepted by Azerbaijan Consulate (2019)

“This festival was so well done! Elevated, prestigious, and well organized… Definitely a favorite! Can’t wait for next year!”

– Jamie Anderson, Writer-Director

“This is definitely one of the more promising experiences as a new filmmaker. They’re super communicative, very willing to work with you, and very appreciative of your work. I want to be in this festival every year. Also, because it’s a very selective festival, the actual event was intimate and classy. The awards they give out are awesome as well. I’m very proud to have been a part of this festival, and I think this festival has a long life ahead of it.”

– Burt Grinstead, Writer-Director

DaVinci Film Festival - testimonials

“I have been fortunate to be honored by the DaVinci International Film Festival twice. I was a finalist last year in screenwriting and I won the first quarterly Vitruvian Award at STORYLINE this year [8/2018]. I attended last year’s event in Santa Monica and it was terrific. The venue was excellent. The roster of films was wonderful. The staff and volunteers were friendly, accessible, and helpful. But, what I enjoyed most, was having an opportunity to meet the other writers and filmmakers. The intimacy and informality of the environment encouraged conversation. It was inspiring to talk craft and find out what other people are working on. The DaVinci International Film Festival is an “up and comer” and should not be missed.”

– Kenneth White, Screenwriter

DaVinci Film Festival

“The DaVinci Film Festival is a quality festival through and though. Chadwick and Pete were fabulous hosts. They truly pour their hearts and caring into this festival and it shows! The venue in Santa Monica was classy and it was simply a wonderful and uplifting festival. This was also a great opportunity to network with industry folks. What a special, special evening at the awards ceremony too. I want to thank Chadwick and Pete for letting me and my work (COLORBLIND – the feature screenplay) be a part of such a great festival. I wish you all great things in the future. The DaVinci Film Festival and it’s recognition of artists has a very bright future!”

– Pamela Peak, Screenwriter

“Fantastic festival!  Excellent aesthetic and communication, will definitely be applying again in the future and recommend this festival to fellow filmmakers.  Thanks for the selection!”

– Spencer Harris, Writer-Director

DaVinci Film Festival

“DaVinci Film Festival is absolutely worth checking out and being a part of. The staff are very communicative and professional. It is a real prestige to have become a part of the community of the festival. Thank you very much for your creative approach and sensitivity, thanks for letting me be a part of DaVinci!”

– Jarek Marszewski, Writer-Director

“The heart of DaVinci lies in their honest and professional communication.  It is one of those up-and-coming film festivals where you as a submitter can be grateful for their goal in wishing to seek out undiscovered talent.”

– Kelly Jean Karam, Screenwriter

“The DaVinci Film Festival might be in its first year, but the quality and professionalism rivals that of established, big name fests.  I look forward to submitting more work in the future, and being a part of this growing showcase for filmmakers!”

– Scott O’Hara, Writer-Director

“The DaVinci Film Festival might be relatively new, but it already feels totally seasoned.  Chadwick and Co. are very communicative and professional and the follow-through is excellent.  It’s been a pleasure to be involved with the festival and an even great honor to win a Vitruvian (now on my mantle)!  We’re looking forward to the Leo!”

– Sean Meehan, Writer-Director

“Although new, DaVinci is already doing it right.  Some of these more established fests could learn something by DaVinci’s level of professionalism and communication.  Chadwick, the director, has been very helpful and has even set up some networking for us.  Thank you!”

– Scott Simonsen, Writer-Director

“Fantastic Film Festival.  DIFF is coming out of the gate strong, and I am honored to have been a Finalist at DIFF’s STORYLINE. I look forward to participating again in this festival.  Great communication and top notch.”

– Marc Bailey, Screenwriter

“I was so happy to learn that my screenplay, ‘The Mona Lisa Caper’ was a Vitruvian Award Winner for the DaVinci Film Festival.  I’m looking forward to the Live Event next year.  Thank you!”

– Gina Cresse, Screenwriter

“Thanks for including our music video ‘Killed Them Both’ in your festival!  Communication was great, and we greatly appreciated the Honorable Mention.  I would definitely submit again for another project.”

– Stanley Sievers, Writer-Director

“Very professional, know what they are doing.  New but worth it!  Definitely good networking opportunity.  Chadwick, the Festival Director, is very well-connected.”

– McKay Stewart, Writer-Producer

More at: FilmFreeway.com/DaVinciFilmFestival.  Questions about DIFF?  Contact us.