Celebrating Creativity Across Multiple Disciplines in the Arts and Sciences

A new addition to the DaVinci awards platform is on the horizon.  In 2025, the festival will introduce all-new award categories to include architecture and invention, among others to honor the multi-disciplinary creative and pay tribute to the luminary himself, Leonardo da Vinci.

He [Leonardo da Vinci] was a master storyteller, and articulated creative and divergent works across many disciplines — a Polymath.  I can’t wait to build out this new program and spotlight creativity in new and exciting ways. – Chadwick Pelletier, Founder & CEO

DaVinci Labs '25The all-new program (“DaVinci Labs“), which is set to debut at their 7th Edition (2025) will celebrate Best of Fest with what DaVinci is calling their “Renascence Award” or “Renny” in various categories including architecture design, invention, and sculpture categories to start.  NGO, DaVinci Film Foundation Inc., is currently seeking partners and sponsors for the program, and looks to collaborate with like-minded institutions, philanthropists, and companies to honor burgeoning talent in these initial categories.  Along with the physical “Renny Award” and live event spotlight, DaVinci aims to establish, with the help of partnerships, grant and scholarship opportunities for winning Creatives.


Interested in collaboration?  We would love to hear from you!

DaVinci Labs / Arts & Sciences Program
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