Ignite Your Passion: DaVinci International Film Festival's Animation Category
TooFar Media DIFF

DaVinci Film FestivalThe world of animation explodes with imagination, breathes life into fantastical characters, and transports viewers to extraordinary realities. At the DaVinci International Film Festival (DIFF), we celebrate the incredible talent and meticulous skill behind these captivating creations. Our Leo Award for Animation recognizes both short and long-format animated films, welcoming submissions from passionate creators around the globe.

Each year, DIFF receives a phenomenal array of entries – from heartwarming stop-motion tales to visually stunning CGI masterpieces. Our jury is consistently impressed by the dedication, artistic vision, and technical expertise poured into every submission. Whether it’s the meticulous detail of a hand-drawn character or the seamless flow of a computer-generated world, these animated works showcase the true power of the medium.

Leading the charge in this category is our Animation Chairman, Mason Pelletier. At just 12 years old, Mason is a seasoned animator himself, fueled by a lifelong passion for the craft. He brings a unique perspective to the selection process, fostering a deep appreciation for the artistry and innovation on display.

Are you an animator ready to share your work with the world? Submit your film to the DaVinci International Film Festival’s Animation Category and be part of a global celebration of storytelling through animation. Let your vision take center stage and compete for the prestigious Leo Award, a coveted recognition in the independent filmmaking community.