Thank you for your interest in working with DIFF.  The festival offers a variety of local and remote opportunities in support of our registered Volunteers and Internships program.  Are you interested in gaining insight and experience in the film industry? Apply today or contact us for more information. Thank you.


Each department has different qualifications. Please carefully review below all the departments available before selecting the one you feel best suits you. All internships are unpaid, but come with great benefits!

Student Interns:  All internship applicants seeking course credit are required to provide proof of their internship requirements for school.

Volunteers:  Applicants do not have to be in school to participate; we have a variety of volunteer opportunities for those seeking experience!

  • An internship is an official or formal program that provides practical experience in an occupation or profession.  It is done in exchange for school credit (usually as a graduation requirement) from an accredited college or university.
  • We also have opportunities for the same positions to those who want to volunteer their time for the festival in exchange for credentials and to gain creditable experience in an occupation or profession in the film or event planning industry.  If you are a student, recent graduate, or someone looking to change career paths you can participate in a volunteer capacity.
  • Internships consist of a regular weekly work schedule within a particular DIFF department and are designed to expand participants’ professional knowledge and experience.

For questions about the internships and volunteer programs, or for more information on specific departments, please call (424) 888-DIFF or email


  1. Submit an online application using form below, AND;
  2. Email your resume and cover letter documents in PDF Formal to
  3. PUT “ATTN *Department you wish to apply for*

Example of subject line in the email:  Internship: Marketing Intern

Please feel free to put more than one department in the space allotted.

  • Project Management
  • Film Department
  • Social Media
  • Event Volunteer
  • Theater Operations
  • Production
  • Executive Department
  • Sponsorships
  • DFI Grant Program Management
  • Marketing & PR
  • Marketing Design
  • Development
  • Film Marketing
  • Events (General)

DaVinci International Film Festival Volunteers and Internships Program.