Unscripted Submission Portal

Unscripted (Reality) content is handled differently than other creative projects submitted to traditional festivals, due to the nature of the material.  Why?  Well, it’s [kinda] simple, most unscripted content shopped today is typically in early stages of development (most vulnerable stage for any developer), and not a finished or polished project like a feature or short film, for example.  In some occasions a production company and/or individual EP may have a fully produced show and they are only looking for distribution, but that’s rare.  However, if that applies to you, then DIFF is not the right fit, and please DO NOT submit.  

Accidental submissions will not be refunded.

Our aim with our unscripted category is to award concepts with further development.  Our team at DIFF has created, optioned, and sold unscripted to virtually every network in every space. The top three (3) winners (all categories compete) will be offered an Option to develop the IP with one of our production partners at DIFF, who will then work with the Creator(s) to further develop the concept and pitch to prime time and streaming networks.

The Creator(s) will be invited to attend an/all pitch meetings in Los Angeles* in attempt to sell their show.  DIFF and its production partners agree to pitch to no less than two (2) distribution entities, after which they reserve the right to dissolve the Option Agreement, and return the property rights back to the Creator(s).

You own my rights?  WHAT!?  This is what is called an “Option” on your work, should DIFF select your unscripted concept as one of our top three winners.  It’s best to think of it as a lease to the rights of your Reality TV show, while it is being shopped at the networks.  During the Option period  (“lease”) — typically 30-90 days, depending on the project’s CURRENT state of development, the production company will work on behalf of our Creator(s) to try and sell the show.  Our Producers will also lead the pitch meeting(s), and be attached to the project as an Executive Producer; will be in your corner the entire way.

That said, there are a few extra steps that are required in order to safeguard both your interests as well as the DaVinci Film Festival moving forward.  Please read our industry standard Rights Release TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully before submitting your UNSCRIPTED PROJECT.