CoffeeRing Entertainment’s “She Will Be Loved“, written and directed by Chadwick Pelletier. The 30-minute drama comes on the heels of CRE’s award-winning Western, FOR BLOOD, and has already picked up two (2) Red Poppy Awards for Best International Short Film and actor performance.  Pelletier’s hope for the picture is to reach ‘at least one’ who suffers from this debilitating disorder of wartime PTSD and give some hope though this dramatic narrative.


Writer-Director:  Chadwick Pelletier (Instagram)
Producers:  Marc Beaumont, Laura S. Henry
Executive Producer(s): Andy Khawaja, Chadwick Pelletier
Cinematographer:  John T. Connor
Production Company:  Veritas Film & Television LLC
TRT: 30:17

Genre: Drama
Official Website:  /  IMDb
Press Kit: (www)


CIA Officers Memorial Foundation
Shadow Warriors Project


A soldier’s journey to overcome the strongholds of wartime PTSD, and pull a fractured life back together.


Christine Miller [Constance Brenneman] is the lone survivor of an IED strike overseas.  Soon after a MedTrans flight to Washington D.C., she begins her road to recovery — picking up the pieces of a fractured life and accepting her new disability.  She Will Be Loved follows Christine through her healing process, as she struggles with a new identity, marriage crisis, and survivor’s guilt in order to conquer wartime PTSD.


Behind The Scenes

She Will Be Loved - Teaser

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