DIFF '22 Schedule
DIFF '22 Schedule
6 Short Film Block

Honorable Mention

The Verdict Director Dora Jung
Director Jamie O’Rourke
Estrellas Del Desierto
Director Katherina Harder
Director Rain Nikolla
Static Space
Directors John Klein, Kate Black-Spence
Black Creek Trail
Director Soma Helmi

7 Short Animations


The Sprayer Director Farnoosh Abeo
Director Nic Gregory
Art Nouveau Phantasm
Director Oksana Bronevitskaia
Bassin of Attraction
Director Jonathan Pêpe
Depths of Night
Directos Step C
Memoirs (of monument and mind)
Director Dennis Tae Wook Kim
The Best Ham Sandwich (guest GENiUS Selection) Director Jessica Xu

GENiUS (Ultra-Short)

In-Competition (Audience Award)

6AM (Narrative) Director Thom Lunshof
Tundra (Music)
Director Luke De Brun
Happy Just to Be With You
(Music) Director Woody Yocum
Break the Fall
(Music) Directors Trenton Oliver, Yan Zhang
Safe at Home
(Animation) Director Zoe DeLeon
(Narrative) Director Russ Emanuel
I’ll Show You I’m Great (Animation) Jason Fleurant
I Wrote This Instead of Calling (Music) Joy Fillmore Greene
Every Someday Is Now An Always (Music) Lindsey Willson
Us (Animation) Director Nelson Fernandes
9th Circle (Animation) Director Mark Dagondon
Mending Needle (Animation) Director Laurel Zeiler
PROGedia – We Are the Night (Music) Alessandro Amaducci
NOONN (Narrative) Director Nazila Azizi
GURU$$ (Music) Directors Chris Johnson, Erik Passoja