When is the festival?

September 24-30th, 2022

Where is the festival?

Live Event:  AMC Theaters, The Grove Los Angeles
Online Event: davincifilmfestival.online

Who is In Competition?

The DaVinci International Film Festival invites quarterly Vitruvian Award™ winners to screen at the festival.  These winners are in-competition for the DIFF’s most coveted award, The Leo.  Narrative, Documentary, Animation, and Screenwriting are all in competition for the prized statue.

The all-new GENiUS ultra-short program and our Honorable Mention films are not in competition for The Leo.  GENiUS, however, will honor one film based on our festival voting system for an Audience Award.

How does voting for GENiUS work?

The ultra-short GENiUS program will showcase films that are in-competition for our Audience Award.  Ticketed guests from around the world will be able to VOTE online at the GENiUS page for their favorite film.

The film with the most votes will be awarded our Audience Award and will be posted on DIFF’s Official website (davincifilmfestival.com) on October 1st, 2022.

Where do I purchase tickets?

What does the All-Access ticket include?

What does a Block ticket include?

When do the films screen?

DIFF Live Event:  September 24-25th

DIFF Online is a Video On Demand (VOD) platform. Ticketed guests will have the ability to view film Selections at any time during the festival (September 24-30th).

Is the online festival optimized for mobile?

Not at this time.

Who can view the films?

Audiences worldwide.

Where does my donation go?

The DaVinci International Film Festival is produced by the DaVinci Film Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit that also produces the DaVinci Film Institute (davincifilminstitute.org).  Your generous donation will go directly to the Institute program in support of the arts for burgeoning filmmakers.

Do you have tech support?

We do. Tech Support

Where can I learn more about DaVinci and the festival's programs?

I have a question that's not addressed here.

No problem!  We would love to hear from you.

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