Sure it’s easy for us to talk about ourselves, and pitch you on the DIFFerence we strive to make at DaVinci International Film Festival, but we’ll let others do that for us.  Below are just a few testimonials that are coming in as we push through our quarterly competitions this year, and gear up for our Live Showcase Event in 2018.

“The DaVinci Film Festival might be in its first year, but the quality and professionalism rivals that of established, big name fests.  I look forward to submitting more work in the future, and being a part of this growing showcase for filmmakers!”

– Scott O’Hara, Writer-Director

“The DaVinci Film Festival might be relatively new, but it already feels totally seasoned.  Chadwick and Co. are very communicative and professional and the follow-through is excellent.  It’s been a pleasure to be involved with the festival and an even great honor to win a Vitruvian (now on my mantle)!  We’re looking forward to the Leo!”

– Sean Meehan, Writer-Director

“Although new, DaVinci is already doing it right.  Some of these more established fests could learn something by DaVinci’s level of professionalism and communication.  Chadwick, the director, has been very helpful and has even set up some networking for us.  Thank you!”

– Scott Simonsen, Writer-Director

“Fantastic Film Festival.  DIFF is coming out of the gate strong, and I am honored to have been a Finalist at DIFF’s STORYLINE. I look forward to participating again in this festival.  Great communication and top notch.”

– Marc Bailey, Screenwriter

“I was so happy to learn that my screenplay, ‘The Mona Lisa Caper’ was a Vitruvian Award Winner for the DaVinci Film Festival.  I’m looking forward to the Live Event next year.  Thank you!”

– Gina Cresse, Screenwriter

“Thanks for including our music video ‘Killed Them Both’ in your festival!  Communication was great, and we greatly appreciated the Honorable Mention.  I would definitely submit again for another project.”

– Stanley Sievers, Writer-Director

“Very professional, know what they are doing.  New but worth it!  Definitely good networking opportunity.  Chadwick, the Festival Director, is very well-connected.”

– McKay Stewart, Writer-Producer