DaVinci Film Festival

The DaVinci International Film Festival Curates New Growth; Accepting 2021 Sponsors!

The DaVinci International Film Festival (DIFF) has moved to The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.*, and is accepting like-minded sponsorships.


The DaVinci International Film Festival is pleased to announce its success in 2020 despite the COVID-19 crisis and is now accepting both sponsors and submissions for its September 2021 Vitruvian Awards. The festival has transitioned from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to further its accessibility to a global audience while enhancing its brand in the rich culture of the arts and sciences on the east coast. DIFF has already signed on some major financial and in-kind sponsors, including MGM National Harbor, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington, Coca-Cola, LCA Corp., and Kodak Motion Picture Film to name a few. The event is currently seeking a “Presented by” title sponsor,

We flourished amid this pandemic while many others had to shut down. Some for good. Our partners and sponsors have been amazed at the global audience who came together on our virtual platform this year to support the filmmaking community and the event as a whole. We even introduced an all-new ultra-short program called COVIDaVINCI as a “Shelter-in-place” competition series for our filmmakers to keep them creative during this time. And it was such a massive success that we’re keeping it for 2021, but hope to rename it soon!” DIFF’s Holly Pelletier commented.

DIFF attracts a diverse participant and attendee base, which is an excellent opportunity for sponsors who are seeking to elevate their brand awareness. The festival has developed a plan to run a parallel digital platform for guests who may not be able to attend the September 2021 event, which opens up even more digital promotion opportunities for sponsors seeking measurable results. The festival is produced by the DaVinci Film Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, which affords sponsors the ability to not only brand their services and products, but to also obtain beneficial tax write-offs. The festival is further committed to supporting the arts by way of a Junior Leo program presented by the DaVinci Film Institute — a division of DIFF — honoring high school filmmakers with scholarships and sponsor prizes — cultivating new opportunities for both filmmakers and sponsors alike.

The ultimate goal is for our Creatives, global audiences, and sponsors to be like-minded in supporting the arts. To foster a community where talent is ever-developing and our filmmakers and guests become so familiar with our sponsors that they become brand-loyal. That’s what our tagline ‘Experience the DIFF’ is all about — to entertain, inspire, and create a DIFF family,” finished Pelletier.

Members of the media are invited to request virtual and in-person media credentials and interviews with the DIFF team including Founder & CEO, Chadwick Pelletier. The event runs September 24-26, 2021.  Interested sponsors may learn more about opportunities by visiting: https://davincifilm.org or DIFF’s one sheet at https://bit.ly/DIFF2021.


The DaVinci International Film Festival (DIFF) is a premier boutique awards platform celebrating independent cinema worldwide. The festival hosts award-winning programs, including the DaVinci Film Institue and Storyline, presented by Final Draft®, honoring Creatives quarterly with their prestigious Vitruvian awards. These winners are later invited to screen at the annual showcase event where they compete for DIFF’s most coveted award — The Leo.  A 17lb, museum-grade bust statue of da Vinci himself.

Founded in 2017, DIFF is a TOP BEST REVIEWED film festival, honoring international filmmakers in narrative, documentary, animation, and screenwriting categories with their Vitruvian and Leo Awards.


Holly Pelletier
Executive Director, DIFF
(310) 774-0211


*DaVinci will be hosted at the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., However, due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the organization is prepared with an alternate venue if necessary.