If not, I can guarantee you someone else is [with theirs], and the competition is stiff.  Most filmmakers and screenwriters submit their projects without giving it a fighting chance in the festival circuit.  Thousands upon THOUSANDS of creatives spend hard earned money and time to compete in this industry, but what makes your project stand out?  Is it as tight as it can be? 

At DIFF, we would argue that no project is ever perfect (or ‘done’), and many writers and directors will be pushing and pulling day-of, however in the festival circuit, you are NOT given a second shot to make a first impression.  So what impression are you wanting to make? 

DaVinci International Film Festival is proud to announce an all-new service for our independent creative community in effort to give filmmakers and writers the best possible shot in the festival circuit (and beyond).  “PreFest Services” at DIFF offers professional consultation for your final polishes on screenplay, film edit, sound, color, and score.   Our Consultants (not to be confused with coverage) are pro-level screenwriters (WGA), produced and award-winning filmmakers, A-list colorists, and Emmy winning composers.  We’ve got you covered.  To learn more about our PreFest Service email us at

As filmmakers, we fully understand and appreciate the work that goes into finishing a film or screenplay and PreFest is here to get your project in the best possible shape for success in the festival circuit. Do you need to shave 5-10 minutes off your short film, tighten some dialogue, or get professional eyes and ears on coloring or sound?  That’s where we come in!

  • STORYLINE / SCREENPLAY POLISHING & Master Scene Format support
  • EDIT Look & Notes (Feature, Short, Documentary)
  • COLORING Look & Notes (Feature, Short, Documentary)
  • SOUND DEISGN & SCORE Notes (Feature, Short, Documentary, Animation)

NOTE:  DIFF PreFest® projects must be in “final” stages of lock picture to qualify for this service. Contact us for more information