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COVIDaVINCI is a QUARANTINE film challenge that will award filmmakers with a “Shelter-In-Place Vitruvian Award” for their Works in narrative, animation, documentary, and music video that is produced during this quarantine period.

Submissions ARE NOW OPEN for 2021.


We’re going to keep this real simple: We’re all stuck at home and most have access to a smartphone and computer. Well, that’s all you need!

Submit a 5 MINUTE QUARANTINE film for a chance to screen at DaVinci International Film Festival’s Vitruvian Awards and sponsor prizes.  TOP 100 COVIDaVINCI films will screen/stream online at DIFF 2020 Online film festival for international audiences.

Win the Audience Award!  The most votes win our Shelter-In-Place Vitruvian so make sure to get people to the festival (Sept. 10-13) at and vote, vote, vote!

  • TOP 100 COVIDaVINCI films will be screening at DIFF 2021 Online
  • All films will screen/stream online with a VOTING SYSTEM to be awarded our 2021 DIFF Audience Award. Get people to the festival to vote!!
  • The winner will receive DIFF’s Audience Award. 
  • All COVIDaVINCI Top 100 will receive online program inclusion
  • Film projects must NOT break state or federal COVID mandates for quarantine. Meaning, if your state has a non-essential travel restriction in place, DO NOT go filming on location. This is a non-essential film contest (as are all others) and we take this very seriously. Immediate disqualification.
  • Practice social distancing. Your film cast/crew should be your family or roommates or anyone else you are currently living with.
  • All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.
  • 5 minutes TRT (including credits) for quarantine film.
  • All submissions MUST have been filmed and produced during COVID-19 shelter in place/quarantine period.  As in right now.
  • Narrative, Animation, Documentary, and Music video categories will be awarded.
  • In the event of a film is withdrawn, DIFF will not refund or return any materials.